vendredi 21 juillet 2017

A (very) disturbing drowning sequence in a public pool

This video has quickly been around the world.
It shows a disturbing accident sequence taking place in a public pool. What happened ?
A collective e-mail was sent to the experts working on drowning to multiply the opinions and the analyzes in a comprehensive logic. I give here my analysis of the situation.

This sequence strangely makes me think of a case that I have already observed in a public swimming pool. He was a child with autistic disorders and his behavior combined (but not clear) playful aspects with signs of distress. This child breathes on the edge towards 1.20. Why does he not stay ? After, maybe it then goes to a still deeper zone which makes its surface maintenance even more difficult (towards 1.30) ? He falls in unconsciousness towards 2'12. Maybe he makes a faint to effort before drowning ? For a more detailed analysis, it would be necessary to have elements on the depth, supervision, on the child, on the configuration of the places. This sequence is a mystery !